Monday, May 9, 2011

Clarendon's 3: A Great Place to Party

Nightlife hung out with about 30 of our closest friends on Saturday night at 3 in Clarendon for a private event. We were extremely impressed with the execution.

Nightlife wasn't privy to the details of the setup, but we were pleasantly surprised at 3's ability to provide fantastic service and great food for such a large group. We were reminded that Mike was the server assigned to the group, and he did a fantastic job. Keeping drinks filled can definitely be a challenge with such a large group, but from what Nightlife can remember of the night, we never once ran out of drinks.

There was a large table of food set up for the party. This wasn't a sit-down dinner. Nightlife vividly remembers the bacon-wrapped shrimp. They were huge. (Bacon is a popular theme at this restaurant.) There were plenty of other food selections - spinach dip, meats and cheeses, some chicken-on-a-stick-looking thing. All of it was good.

And 3 has an interesting selection of alcohol. Aside from their selection of about 80 beers, 3 has a unique line of specialty liquors. Several of the ladies enjoyed a "Candy Land Margarita," which boasts a Sour Patch Kids-infused tequila. If you thought 

PatrĂ³n Tequila 

was smooth, then you should definitely try this stuff. 

Nightlife tried the Vanilla Bean-infused Jim Beam, and longed for the Bacon Bloody Mary (who doesn't love bacon?!). There's also a "Big Kid Chocolate Milk" that uses the Vanilla Beam and a "Winter Blues" that uses Acai Berry Vodka and blueberry puree. 

We checked in with the girls in charge of the event. "[The staff was] really easy to work with... everything went very smoothly," they said. "The waiter was AWESOME. I loved him," one exclaimed.

Based on this experience, we'd strongly encourage you to put 3 on your short list if you're looking to plan a party. With great service, awesome food, and a unique drink selection, 3 definitely has a lot going for it.

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