Saturday, April 16, 2011

Saturday Night: Live Music at Iota Club & Cafe

It won't look like this. It'll be raining. Rain sucks.
Justin Trawick, The RiverBreaks, and Bobbie Allen are all playing tonight at IOTA Club & Cafe. Arlington Nightlife understands they card. A lot. And the show's 21+. Sorry kids.

Arlington Nightlife checked out these artists on their MySpace pages and were impressed. They all sound pretty good. Singer-y Songwriter-y. (We think we like The RiverBreaks the most, but it's still too early to tell, since this is the first we've heard of any of them.) Also, Bobbie Allen's pretty easy on the eyes, guys.

Iota says the show is $12, and they don't pre-sell, so you should be there when the doors open. Show starts at 9:00pm, so put on your galoshes, pack a couple PBRs and head down Wilson Boulevard away from Clarendon, right past Whitlow's. (Don't stop to look at the chalk drawings at Whitlow's, but do read this about them.)

Anyway, live music is good. Arlington Nightlife's chief contributor is from Nashville (where both Country and Indie Rock thrive), so he's excited about getting out and seeing some of the local music scene.

Arlington Nightlife suggests you follow them all on Twitter (and us, too)!

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