Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Tuesday Night: Dinner & A Movie < $10

Not sure what to do on Tuesday night? Swing by Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse for $2 burger, PBR, and a movie. ($6 total, guys!) Tonight's features include Black Swan at 7:30 and True Grit at 9:50. Tickets go on sale about an hour before the show, and new releases tend to sell out quickly. Arlington Nightlife suggests picking the late show and spending some time at the bar outside the theater.

If $2 is too much for a movie ticket, you can check them out on Mondays. Tickets are just $1, and they have $1 Corona bottles at the bar. They also have stand-up comedy on the weekends.

The Drafthouse is celebrating its 25th Anniversary this year:

In August/September of 1985 the Arlington Cinema & Drafthouse officially opened as the area’s only Full Service Restaurant/Bar and Movie Theater with table side service, large comfortable seating and a large screen. "The Drafthouse", as it is affectionately known, has humbly entertained the DC area and Arlington, VA for 25 years. 
While featuring nearly all the major film releases throughout the quarter century, The Drafthouse has in recent years diversified its offerings to become one of the area’s best live Comedy venues. The Drafthouse is in the nationally unique position of being both the most loved movie theater in the DC area and one of the most respected comedy rooms on the East Coast. 
The Drafthouse features top box office films at a discounted price and the best national touring comics at reasonable admission fees with no minimum purchase requirements. 
The one constant throughout the Theater’s first 25 years has been the Drafthouse unique ability to offer top notch entertainment at a great value. With movie admission as low as $1 and live national touring comics as low as $10, the Drafthouse has always been dedicated to entertainment for all.
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