Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Tuesday is Mug Night at Hard Times Cafe

What a great idea! Hard Times Cafe will sell you a mug for $5 on Tuesday nights, fill it with draft booze, and then charge you $1.50 (I think) to refill it. Not only that, but you can do right by the environment by saving your plastic mug and bringing it in the following Tuesday. They'll fill it up for the refill price!

Arlington Nightlife does have one fairly serious complaint about Hard Times, though. One time the Nightlife crew was upstairs, and we wanted to jam out to some country tunes. There's a fancy juke box up there that'll play pretty much anything. When we walked in, there was a ridiculous amount of Lady Gaga being blasted from every corner of the room.

We decided to shake things up with some Hank Jr., a little bit of Toby Keith, and some other country rockstars, but the lady behind the bar wasn't having ANY of it! Lady Gaga was definitely blasting at about level 11, but when the country music started to flow like fine wine the bartender knocked the volume way down and shot us a look of disgust. Oh yea, lady? This ain't Spider Kellys, and we paid for those tunes!

Additionally, she was ridiculously inattentive and hung out at one end of the bar. We can only imagine she thrived on meager tips. For the record, Arlington Nightlife always takes good care of our waiters and waitresses... make sure you do the same.

And don't let one terrible waitress stop you from enjoying cheap beer and great chili! (That's the only bad experience we've ever had there.)

Arlington Nightlife urges you to go upstairs. The downstairs has more of a dining atmosphere and feels pretty crowded. You can spread out with friends or coworkers at a high top upstairs.

And remember those blizzards from Winter '09? Snowmageddon, SnOMG, and all that? Yea, Hard Times was just about the only bar in town that was open through that mess. And what else are you going to do in a blizzard?

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