Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Game: Utilizing the Freeze-Out Method

Our anonymous blogger friend, who recently played "The Game" at Ri Ra in Clarendon, sent his response to a recent blog post by @Fire_and_Nice. Enjoy:
Remember that girl you worked your game on all night?  The girl that asked you to dance and wondered what your “room” looked like?  Then, while making out in your bed, she utters the four words that stopped you from removing that last piece of clothing, “But we just met.”   You do all that work and nothing but a kiss while you cuddle with her for the rest of the night.  Starting to sound too familiar?
As I was reading Fire and Ice's blog, “Learning Your ABCs”, which refereed to one-liners she has heard over the “love glove,” a certain sentence caught my eye.  “You think you have tricks of the trade for bedding your evening conquest and/or securing repeat visits to Poundtown. You each have those go-to one-liners that you keep in your back pocket.”
Well Fire and Ice – we do have tricks, but we're not those frat boys who use one-liners – we have a method.  The method is a simple, easy solution called the “freeze-out. 
So you went for the move but you've been denied – what now?  This is what we call last minute resistance (LMR).  You don't want to keep pushing and seem like a creeper; however, you don't want to give up now when you've came so close.   The “freeze-out” is your best chance of landing that dream you had when you first laid eyes on her.

Once she stops everything from going any further; tell her you understand, and remove all attention away from her.  Do anything to keep her away from you: Turn the lights on, turn the T.V on, start reading a book, jump on Facebook, or make a sandwich.  She'll start to assume you're mad or upset.  Inform her that you understand but you just don't want to push her any further.  If you don't show anger at her, then she'll want attention again and raise her LMR threshold.
At this point, she'll want the tension to stop.  She'll start to kiss you again and then you can give her your attention.  Give her some time to warm up before you make your move again.  One of two things will happen here; either she will allow you to make your move and then you can move to the next stage, or she will deny you again.  If she denies again, just do the freeze-out method until it works.
Of course, this only works three times a night.  If by the third time she still won't, you'll have to give up and face the facts.  It's not a foolproof scheme but it will help increase your odds. 
Every guy has experienced LMR from women.  Women live in a world of judgment from both males and female.  Men do not have to worry about this and do not know the feeling women go through when in this particular situation.  Women need validation, and using your one-liners will not help her gain that.   You give her validation by waiting things out. Give her what she needs, and you'll get what you want.
Now in no way am I telling you to convince her you don't need protection or getting that one night stand.  If this is your understanding of my blog, then you read it wrong.  There is no manipulation. If she decides to let you make that move, that was her goal from the start.  This method only helps move the situation along between two people attracted to each other.

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