Monday, June 27, 2011

Playing "The Game" in Arlington

Nightlife got an email from someone calling himself "aan0nym0us" -- and we originally thought it was a nerd hacker, but read what he said about playing "The Game" in Arlington:

Let me start off by what my weakness is when I meet women at bars. I am a twenty-one year old who has not finished college, as of yet. I was offered the opportunity to expand my career; while holding my degree off for the time. I don’t work out, and I am always asked to show my ID because I look as I may be seventeen years old.

These traits do not help in a community filled with older women, who are looking for an even older male to settle down with. These are not the days of my college years; however, when I first arrived, I was determined to not let that slow me down – it did.

So when I was refereed to a book called “The Game” by Neil Strauss – I laughed. I never had any difficulty with girls in high school or college. I decided to read the book from interest, but I would be lying if I wasn’t trying to improve my technique for the Arlington area. So I have decided to record my interactions of using the game in these next articles. My identity has been changed, names have been altered, but the locations will stay unedited. These are my stories – enjoy.

RiRa was just about empty when I entered just a few minutes before 10:00pm. I thought to myself that if this was going to be my first night of gaming then this was going to be a disappointment. The band was just setting up, and the talent of ladies was low. The crowed eventually poured in and the talent was good enough. I did what I do every night before I start, flirt with one bartender.

I learned that giving interest with one of the bartenders will leave to a more efficient night of drinking. When you come up to the bar, give her a reason to go out of her way to serve you, so that you’re not standing at the bar for fifteen minutes.

“Hey, what’s the prices?” I asked as if I didn’t care to remember. She paused, not expecting the question, and replied, “Depends on what you want.” “Well I want a beer” I said with a smart-ass grin. “Depends on what you want” she said again becoming a little frustrated. “I have a five dollar bill, what can that get me?” “I’ll get you a Yuengling, but you have to have enough for a tip.”

I had her hooked.

When she returned I gave her two fives and she gave me my change. She began to walk away when I yelled, “Wait! You worked so hard for this tip, and now you’re going to just walk away from me honey?” She smiled and took my two dollars. Her co-worker grinned at her and remarked, “Aren’t you two cute?” From that night on; she waited on me, and gave me free drinks.

I stood there with my friends looking for sets to open up. A set is a group of people socializing that you walk up to to locate your target. One of my rules is to never open to a girl alone at a bar. There was a three set waiting for my first open. I did what always gives me my confidence, the “Three-Second” method.

Something I learned is I will try to talk myself out of walking up to girls in the last minute. To fight that urge, I count to three and force myself to make a move before I’m done counting. It’s like a little voice in my head coaching me.

When I approached, I had to act as if I had no interest in any of the girls. “Hey, I need a woman’s perspective. My friends and I are debating and we’re wondering if Anthony Weiner’s wife should stay with him?” Of course, each of the girls said no and I agreed with them. I blamed my friend for saying that she should and I listen to their response. In those first thirty seconds; I found my target. She was a cute blonde, about twenty-four, and 5’8. Once you have shown you’re not a creeper and established a friendship – it’s time for the neg. I looked right at my target and said, “You look like a girl that would tweet with a congressman.”

Even though she was offended, she was still interested in talking, however; I added value to myself when I told her I had to hang with my friends instead. The entire night I would say a phrase or two to keep her interested but walk away instantly. The band threw a t-shirt out in the crowd that I happened to catch, and she expected me to give the shirt up easily. I refused to give her my t-shirt; even after the puppy dog face.

After the band ended, I walked up to her and said, “Jamie, I want to keep this conversation going. What’s your number?” After she gave me her number, I handed her the shirt. “It’s about time you gave me my t-shirt” she said thinking she had won. I interrupted her, “Don’t get any ideas. That shirt is still mine and when we see each other again, I want it back.” She nodded in approval and I kissed her on the cheek and walked away. I had been in Arlington for 6 months and never got a phone number. That night I left with two girls’ numbers and the confidence to do it again another night.

I knew, from that point, that this was going to be a fun summer for me in Arlington.


  1. Yes, the game works. No surprise there. It's not magic. It's science.

  2. Ha I love that book! The Game is the most hilarious read ever. Good story of the pickup at RiRa, although in my expierence its usually mostly guys there.